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2019 Tax Return Due Dates Extended

If you have already filed your 2019 tax returns, congratulations!

If not, you now have until July 15 to file your Federal and State tax returns.

If you need more time, contact me before July 15 to file an extension. This will give you until October 15 to file your individual or corporate returns.

Payments you owe for your 2019 taxes will not be late if they are made by July 15, 2020.

Also, if you make quarterly estimated tax payments, your Federal and California first quarter and second quarter payments are now due July 15.

Note: some other states have different deadlines, please contact me for more information if you are filing outside of California.

And you have until July 15 to make IRA and HSA contributions for 2019.

Furthermore, the deadline for claiming refunds with amended 2016 tax returns has also been extended to July 15, 2020.

File your tax returns sooner rather than later!

Although you now have more time, you may not receive a Coronavirus Relief Payment until you file your 2019 tax return, so the sooner you file, the sooner your payment could arrive. If you are a client and have not received your relief payment yet, please contact me and I will verify your eligibility.

Note: I am not making any in-person appointments at this time. However, I can still serve you 100% via e-mail. I have a secure portal where you can upload your tax documents, and electronic signatures to make it easy to sign your returns. And I accept many secure online payment options, including credit cards. Telephone or video conference appointments are available upon request.

Or, if you prefer, you can mail your 2019 tax documents to me at the address given here.