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Personal Tax Preparation - Mobile Tax Service

I prepare all types of personal income tax returns, including the Federal 1040 and all State returns (45 states).

I can handle just about any tax situation, prepare returns and provide advice for those who are retired, disabled, self-employed, unemployed, students, and many others.

I will gather all of your paperwork and interview you to make sure that no deduction is overlooked. I will then e-file your return and provide you with an electronic and/or paper copy. I will also provide free advice on how you can reduce your taxes next year.

But my service doesn’t end there. I am available all year round to help you with any tax situation that comes up. Got a notice from the IRS? I got your back! Need an extra copy of your tax return? No problem! Questions or concerns? I am here for you! All for no extra charge.

I also have experience filing tax returns for expat U.S. citizens living in foreign countries, and can help non-residents who need to file U.S. tax returns for their U.S. source income. No matter where you are, I can take care of everything via phone/fax, video conference, e-mail, or mail.