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Get Ready for Your 2022 Taxes

Be sure to have the following items ready for preparing your 2022 tax returns:

Income Documents

  • W-2 form(s) from your employer(s)
  • 1099-G form if you received unemployment benefits in 2022
  • 1099-SSA if you received Social Security in 2022
  • 1099-R if you received retirement or pension payments
  • 1099-K if you received payments from PayPal, Venmo, Square, etc.
  • Any other 1099s you received for interest, investment income, etc.
  • Income & expenses from self-employment or rental properties


  • Be sure to notify your tax preparer of any changes in your family (marriage, divorce, new children, etc.) during 2022
  • 1098 Form(s) received for Mortgage Interest paid in 2022
  • The amount you paid for Property Taxes in 2022. Note: If you paid in two installments, this will usually be Installment 2 of your 2021-22 tax bill, and Installment 1 of your 2022-23 tax bill.
  • Charitable contributions you made in 2022.
  • Auto Registration renewal statement(s) received from the DMV in 2022

Health Care

  • Although there is no longer a Federal mandate for health insurance, California still requires everyone on your tax return (including your spouse and dependents) to have health coverage or you may have to pay a fine.
  • If you receive health coverage through your employer, please provide Form 1095-B to your tax preparer. Your employer should give you this form.
  • If you obtained health coverage from Covered California, please provide Form 1095-A and Form FTB 3895 to your tax preparer. Covered California will mail you these forms in January. If you have not received them, please click here for instructions.

Identity Protection PIN

  • If you have experienced identity theft, the IRS may issue you an Identity Protection PIN. You will receive a new IP PIN each year. The IRS will send you a letter in the mail in January with your IP PIN. This is required to file your tax returns. If you received an IP PIN in the mail, please provide it to your tax preparer.
  • If you did not receive your IP PIN or you lost it, click here to retrieve it or have a new one issued to you by the IRS.