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Orange County

Personal Tax Preparation Services

We prepare all types of personal income tax returns, including the Federal 1040 and all State returns (45 states).

We can handle just about any tax situation, prepare returns and provide advice for those who are retired, disabled, self-employed, unemployed, students, and many others.

We will come directly to your home or office anywhere in Orange County, enter all of your paperwork, and interview you to make sure that no deduction is overlooked. We will then e-file your return and provide you with a paper copy. We will also provide free advice on how you can reduce your taxes next year.

We also have experience filing tax returns for expat U.S. citizens living in foreign countries, and can help non-residents who need to file U.S. tax returns for their U.S. source income. If you are not based in Orange County we can take care of everything via e-mail.